Blue Mountains Therapies

Terms and Conditions

In order to utilise our online consultation service you:

1. Must be at least 18 years old.

2. Are
not currently in an acute crisis (suicidal, at risk of harming others).

3. Are legally entitled to use this service based in Australia according to the laws of your own country.

4. Are not accessing our service for research, publication or professional purposes.

You need to agree to our terms and condition when you purchase your package and send us an email prior to utilising our service

Our Service

We offer professional Counselling, Psychotherapy, Supervision and Training.
We will endeavour to respond to e mails within 24 hours Monday to Friday.
We may not be an appropriate service for you.
We are not available 24 hours a day and if you are experiencing a crisis you must seek emergency help.
There are pros and cons of online consultations.
Some of the advantages include easy scheduling, no travel costs, anonymity and potentially being able to express yourself more easily via writing.
Some potential disadvantages include lack of visual and auditory information.