What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a professional, safe space for people to explore their own struggles and invest in their emotional and psychological wellbeing. Everybody experiences hardship at various times in their life. Often people will try to solve their own difficulties by themselves. If these efforts have not worked, then people usually seek out a professional therapist for a period of time.

People may book a few sessions to talk over some personal difficulties in their life and apply some strategies they may not have thought of before. Often people do Counselling & Therapy for a block of time ranging from 3 months to 12 months. These blocks offer more time to address the issues, hardships & heartaches presented. These blocks also allow the necessary integration and resourcing a person can apply into their life. Counselling and Psychotherapy offers people a confidential, safe place where they can he heard, understood, resourced and apply a wide range of strategies to areas such as their personal life, relationships, family, social & work life.

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Why Book a Session?

People may book a session for reasons such as:

  • Relationship / Marriage Conflicts: Communication issues, relationship breakdown, conflicts & arguments, blended family dynamics, affairs, working out whether a couple wants to stay together or wants resourcing with separation/divorce

  • Trauma: Range of traumatic experiences from past or present, complex trauma, PTSD

  • Loneliness: Isolation, despair, depression, loss of meaning in life

  • Anxiety:
    Worries, life pressures, panic attacks, distraught feelings

  • Parenting: Concerns for your child, communication issues, social media influences, isolation & dis-engagement, self-harm, rebellious, risk taking, not sure whether your child should have a mental health assessment or not (what are the options), resourcing parents to better understand & engage with their child/children through Pre School, Primary School, High School, University & these different phases of your child’s life

  • Grief: Past or present. Loss of a loved one

  • Work Issues: Conflicts, communication issues, harassment, colleagues, management


  • Short term Counselling & medium to long term Clinical Psychotherapy for Individuals

  • Couples Counselling

  • Family Counselling

  • Support & Discussion Groups

Professional ~ Confidential
No GP referrals required