What is Psychotherapy?


Clinical Psychotherapy is a professional, confidential & non judgemental place for people to explore their own struggles and invest in their emotional and psychological wellbeing. 
Sessions are a safe place where people can he heard, understood, resourced and apply a wide range of strategies to areas such as their personal life, relationships, family, social & work life.

Everybody experiences hardship at various times in their life. Often people will try to solve these hardships by themselves or with family & friends. If these efforts have not worked, then people usually seek out a professional therapist for a period of time. People can book an initial session and bring in a range of issues they would like addressed without needing a referral from a doctor. Clinical Psychotherapy offers people a range of resources & strategies for life's challenges that are not medicalised or diagnosed. 

COVID NOTICE: You can still book face to face or online sessions. Check in with the QR Code, please sanitise hands and wearing a mask is mandatory when in the clinic.

“Our main task is to fulfill our deep innate potential, much as the acorn contains the potential to become the oak, the caterpillar to become the butterfly”

Carl Jung

The Blue Mountains is an exquisite National Park set within a World Heritage Area. One of the fauna residing in these altitudes is the beautiful swallowtail butterfly (Graphium macleayanum). A large butterfly with brilliant green colouring can be seen during the summer months.

Why Book a Session?


- Improve your wellbeing and life
- Better understanding and compassionate change
- Resourcing and constructive strategies that will work for you, your       relationship & family life
- Early intervention, de-escalation & damage control

Some reasons people book sessions:

- worries, anxieties & stress, panic attacks
- arguments & conflicts
- communication issues 
- breakdown in relationship, affairs, separation
- life crises, present or past trauma, complex trauma
- work & financial pressures
- problems in the parent & child relationship
- child not performing well at school or in life
- unhealthy family dynamics
- loss of direction in life
- grief & loss of a loved one
- significant life change
- divorce, single parenting, blended families
- isolation & depression
- self harm
- drugs & alcohol
- domestic violence
- sexual assault
- harassment
- risk taking
- personal growth, deeper understanding of self

No GP referrals required


Individual Psychotherapy
Individual Psychotherapy sessions provide blocks of therapeutic sessions ranging from 10 weeks to 12 months. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. These sessions offer clients time to talk about and address the issues, hardships & heartaches presented. The sessions also allow the necessary integration, resourcing and change  clients can apply into their life. 
Longer term Psychotherapy sessions may include journal writing & working with dreams. 
Duration: 60 minute sessions. 
Face to face & online Zoom sessions available.

Couples Counselling
 Provides a block of 4 counselling sessions over 4 months. Couples need time to apply strategies and integrate the changes they want in their relationship.
Duration: 90 minute sessions
Face to face sessions available

Family Counselling
Parents attend sessions and we work together on strategies for their child & children and within a family context. Blocks of 6 sessions; weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 
Duration: 60 minute sessions
Face to face sessions available

Support & Discussion Groups

Maximum of 6 participants. 
Watch this space for upcoming group.
Face to face group sessions available

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