Massage For Women

Remedial Massage

Provides a range of therapeutic techniques to skilfully work towards improving the health of the muscular skeletal system, circulatory system and other systems of the body. People have treatments to relieve a range of body pains, injuries as well as to relax their body and mind.

Common reasons people seek therapeutic massage treatments:

  • Reduce soulder, neck and back muscular aches & pains.
  • Abdominal massage for women/mothers who want to increase abdominal muscular health and digesitve system health.
  • Enchance quality of sleep.
  • Relief of certain headaches..
  • Lymphatic drainage, increased peripheral cireculation and ocygenationof muscles & soft tissue.
  • Nervous system health.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Increase skin health & vitality. Qyuality cold pressed natural oils & essential oils applied to the skin.
  • Calming the mind through the use of nurturing therapeutic techniques and a range of lovely music to transport you to inner reflection. Warm towels applied.
  • Stretches and professional recommendations.

Hawaiian Massage

Forearm massage techniques applied to the body have gained popularity over recent decades as Hawaiian Massage Practitioners began teaching this form of massage to westerners. The range of Hawaiian massage techniques offers clients a more comprehensive therapeutic massage treatment.

Traditionally, Hawaiian massage was a tribal spiritual practice, often performed on the Kahuna of the tribe over several days. It was traditionally a spiritual and healing arts elaborate practice. Due to a decline in Hawaiian traditional cultural practices: Lomi Lomi (massage), Hula (story telling through dance), Oli (traditional chanting and storytelling) and traditional spiritual practices taught to kahunas (medicine person/leader), Hawaiian practitioners began to teach these practices to westerners. All of the practices were modified to suit western understanding and lifestyle.

I was taught Hawaiian massage and a range of Hawaiian cultural practices by a range of Hawaiian practitioners & western practitioners given permission to teach Hawaiian cultural practices. I trained in Hawaii (Maui) and in Australia. I use the forearm techniques of Lomi Lomi as they offer a complementary comprehensive therapeutic massage treatment.

Pre-Natal Massage

There is no other time in a woman’s life than when she is pregnant that she will go through the greatest changes in her body over 9 months. Pre-natal-massage is offered to women from 12 weeks onwards. Therapeutic techniques are applied to the mother’s body while she is comfortably positioned on the massage table in a side lying position. Techniques are adjusted and also applied as the mother’s pregnant body changes throughout each trimester. 90 minute sessions are usually recommended to maximise the benefits.

Some of the benefits of pre-natal massage:

  • Relief of lower back & general back & neck discomfort.
  • Sacral iliac relief (lower back) often experienced in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.
  • Reduce fluid retention, leg cramps and relief of varicose vein discomfort. .
  • Reduce tension headaches.
  • IImproved quality of sleep.
  • Quality nurturing time for mother & baby to relax.
  • Calming the nervous system.
  • Respecting the mother & baby connection. May include resourcing and options for the mother to think about.
  • Referrals to an experienced midwife, your GP or Obstetrician where necessary.
  • Information given to mothers on perineal stretches/massage as preparation for their birth.

Post-Natal Massage

Four to six weeks after birth is the recommended time to receive post-natal massage treatments. This time frame allows the mother time to recover from the birth and bond with her baby. It also allows the necessary time for her body to adjust to feeding her baby and settling in to this life change. Post-natal massages are often conducted in the mother’s home where mum can remain close to her baby and the massage therapist can respect this time in a mother’s life.

Some of the benefits of post-natal massage:

  • Postural re-alignment after pregnancy and birth.
  • General back relief.
  • Relief of shoulder discomfort from carrying & feeding their baby.
  • Reduce fluid retention & relief of varicose veins.
  • Quality nurturing time for mum.
  • Recommendations of natural oils, herbal treatments to assist with recovery from the birth.


Masssage treatments incorporate Remedial & Haiwaian therapeutic techiques.

Safe cold pressed base oils and essential oils used throughout Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Massage Treatments. Oils and creams recommended for the mother to apply to stretchmarks.

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Massage Experience:

I have worked as a Massage Therapist for over 30 years. Initially in private practice in Sydney at Natural Therapy Centres. I have worked and networked with a wide range of professionals for client care: chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, yoga teachers, midwives, naturopaths, massage therapists, Hawaiian practitioners, Chinese medicine practitioners, doctors. I have taught massage workshops in both Sydney and the Blue Mountains. I established a private practice in the Blue mountains for women while working at a Health retreat and resorts. I took time off to dedicate to my children and returned to my part time massage practice for mothers and women.

Massage Qualifications:

Certificate Swedish Massage 1987
Diploma Herbal Medicine 1990
Certificate & Training in Hawaiian (Lomi Lomi) Massage & cultural traditions 1992-1995. Training & teaching in Australia & Hawaii
Certificate in Abdominal Massage (Chinese Massage & Qigong techniques) 1994 & 1995
Diploma Remedial Massage 1995
Certificate Aromatherapy 1997
Certificate Pre-Natal & Post Natal Massage 2001 & 2004
Remedial Massage Advanced techniques 2004

Professional Associations:

Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) Provider # 1956. Full Clinical Member 1990 to current
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