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Herbs and Consultations

Herbal Medicine

Paula now specializes in consultations & herbal medicines for adults & children for:

  • Immune Health: Keeping your Immune system healthy. To give you more vitality. Preventative health care when you know you have been going through a lot of physical and emotional pressures in your life.

  • Respiratory Infections: Cold & flu symptoms, wet and dry coughs. Soothing formula to ease those coughing moments.

  • Insomnia, Stress & Anxiety: A natural formula to assist in going to sleep and to help you to get back to sleep when you wake during the night.


A Comprehensive Individual or Family Consultation offers you:

  • 1 & 1/2-hour Individualized consultation.


  • A comprehensive Health History.
  • Lifestyle & Stress management strategies & resourcing.
  • Sensible eating and what will work for you.
  • Resourcing together on what is a balanced health pattern that will suit you, your child, your family & lifestyle.
  • Individually tailored herbal medicine extracts & natural supplements to purchase.
  • Recommendations to other professionals, including your GP, may be part of your consultation, where necessary.
  • Skype sessions available


If you have been feeling exhausted & stressed, natural plant extracts can really make a difference to keep your health on track. If you are prone to getting respiratory infections, especially through the winter months, taking an Immune Tonic can assist your body to reduce this occurring. Cough tonics and other recommendations will reduce the severity of coughs and help you to have a better nights sleep. The natural plant tonics I have created have been chosen for their safe, effective medicinal properties to support the body towards better health. Purchase your herbal tonics from Katoomba, Blue Mountains or order online.


Popular Herbal Medicine tonics prescribed to children & adults in the Blue Mountains over many years NOW available for public purchase.

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Quality Herbal Preparations

I have been using Medi Herb Practitioner range plant extracts since 1990. Their quality & ethics in Australia are excellent.

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Quality through Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice
In Australia, herbal and nutritional products are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), part of the Federal Government. This is the same body and standard applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing. The TGA conducts regular audits of MediHerb's manufacturing facility to ensure Pharmaceutical GMP compliance.

In practice, however, herbal manufacturing under pharmaceutical GMP is more complex than for conventional drugs because of the extra complexity conferred by the varying constituents present in the herb's biological matrix.

The pharmaceutical code of 'Good Manufacturing Practice' (GMP) is a quality assurance program that ensures:
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    Our Commitment to Quality
    Our unique approach to quality in herbal products is unsurpassed in the world today and delivering this is paramount to everything we do and evident across our entire business.
    Our Commitment to Safety
    Safety is paramount in every aspect of our operations. We have developed very stringent testing regimes to guard against substitution, adulteration and poor quality.
    Our Commitment to Efficacy
    As practicing naturopaths ourselves we fully understand the necessity for efficacious products that meet a genuine health need. With considerable consideration to research and development processes, our team of naturopaths, scientists and herbal experts carefully collaborate to formulate every single product to ensure it contains the highest quality ingredients based on the latest credible evidence.