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Wellbeing Pack Special

Want to keep on top of the end of year demands? Wellbeing Pack to boost your Immune health naturally, may be just what you're looking for. With the weather being warm and cool and rainy this natural medicine pack can assist to keep you on top of your health.
* Immune Tonic
This herbal combination works specifically to support adult’s immune system & respiratory system. Plant medicine assists in building immune health through encouraging resistance to infection, supports the respiratory bronchial function & elimination of mucous. This formula is suitable for anyone who has had recurring chest infections, chronic fatigue or before travelling.
* Manuka Honey Throat Spray
A natural solution to help with relieve sore throat and tonsillitis.
It's a handy convenient throat spray for when you're on the go.
* Mediherb Mushroom Forte tablets
Mushrooms have been used in cuisines for over a thousand years. There are many medicinal fungi that have been used as medicine in Chinese & Asian medicine.
Did you know that penicillin was developed from a type of fungi which is a particular mould? This was the first antibiotic medicine produced to treat bacterial infections.
• Used in traditional Chinese medicine for convalescence, fatigue and for the relief of coughing
* Comprehensive Health Information.
Beautifully packaged in a box and can be posted to you for convenience. Alternately, ph to organise pick up from Katoomba clinic. A great gift idea for a family member or friend you care about.
Purchase this Wellbeing pack & information on wellbeing & save $20. Normally priced at $155. Now only $135 until the end of 2020.

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