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Herbal Medicine


Plant Medicine or phytomedicine is the oldest form of medicine known to humans. We have used food and herbs we have cultivated or collected to heal our various ailments for many centuries.


Modern plant medicine is now backed up by rigorous scientific studies.

Approximately 30 % of the pharmaceutical drugs used today originated from plants, including aspirin. Natural plant medicine does not replace modern medicine or your health care professional. The diagnosis and treatment of illness should always be made in consultation with a doctor & medical specialist. Herbal Medicine does not in any way substitute for medical advice from your doctor.  Herbal medicine & modern medicine can often be complementary.


Paula completed her Diploma of Herbal Medicine with The Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine in 1990.


Dorothy Hall became an expert on growing and the use of herbs through the teaching of her grandfather who was a Government Botanist. She eventually studied in Sydney, Germany and Switzerland and became a qualified, professional Naturopath in the 1970’s. She is considered the Matriarch of Australian Herbal Medicine.  She authored 7 books on Herbal Medicine and Natural Therapies.


Dorothy was the founding President of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) in 1984, which has become the largest natural therapies association in Australia today. She was considered as one of the few remaining traditional herbalists of our time with a wealth of plant knowledge. She passed away in 2012.


Dorothy believed good health, mental & physical is a sense of positive wellbeing, not just an absence of illness.

Each human being is an individual and must be treated as a whole person. She was a big advocate of common sense thinking about health and sensible eating.


 “ There are basic rules but they’re flexible. It’s a matter of learning which is your particular health pattern. The health answer seems to be a sensible blend of what is good for the body, mind and even the soul.”   

(Quote: The Natural Health Book, by Dorothy Hall, Published 1976)

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