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While people may be enjoying more freedoms after lockdown, they may have accumulated stress as we head towards the end of the year. The time leading up to Christmas can be particularly stressful. A few sessions of Counselling can make a difference in people's lives. Whether it's resourcing, early intervention, damage control or a professional perspective for families, couples and Individuals going through a tough time. 
For example: if a parent is worried about their child/teenager's behaviour, a couple are experiencing increased arguments or someone may be feeling anxious and overly worried. Counselling offers constructive interventions for a range of concerns. Sessions are non-judgemental and confidential. No GP referrals required. 
If you're stressed or rundown, a Herbal Relaxation Tonic or Immune Tonic can be helpful to assist with improving your health. A friendly reminder that regular exercise is well known to reduce stress levels as well as offer physical benefits for your body. It can be a simple as walking, through to a regular exercise class you attend weekly.
Remedial massage and Pre Natal Massage is another way to address physical stress, relieve aching & tired muscles as well as reducing your mental stress. Aromatherapy oils added into your treatment can naturally assist to increase physical & emotional relaxation.
Balancing our physical & psychological wellbeing is necessary for longer term benefits and quality of life. Resourcing and working together to find out what is going to work for you or not, is an important part of time spent in sessions. 

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